Life has got so much to offer to every inhabitant of earth and beyond. It is a package of happiness and sorrows. Failure and success is a part and parcel of life, failure teaches the most important lessons of life. You get to experience all kind of emotions like love, hate, sorrow, happiness, regret, guilt and what not. Life is filled with so much of glee; there is a need of proper eyes to see that, as the saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Every person in this world helps out the others, and you get the favor in turn. You love and you are loved back, so why worries? Say ta-ta to matata.



You study the theory first and attend the practical but in life you attend the practical from day one. To be even precise you start your practical as a sperm. Born with silver spoon or born without rooftop everyone has to face their life on their own. From a kid’s words to a call from a close one far away anything can give you happiness. You can find happiness anywhere and everywhere. When in deep depression, a song or a book can do the magic of healing your wounds (so much can be written on each topic separately), so why worries?


I wish to tick every checkbox before my last breath. It is constantly being altered and updated. Thank you, Muthu for asking me to have one.

My Bucket List


  1. Travel the world
  2. Visit Venice
  3. Read so many books possible
  4. Get a Tattoo
  5. Jump off a Cliff
  6. Skydive
  7. Scuba dive
  8. Walk a Suspension Bridge
  9. Rappel down a Waterfall
  10. Sail a Boat
  11. Create a Family Tree
  12. Reach a planet far away (because you can always aim for the stars)
  13. Publish a book
  14. To watch communist rule the world
  15. To learn till the end of my life


Don’t you have one yet? You have wasted your life. Go create one soon because YOLO (you only live once)…

ஏழைகளுக்கு எட்டா கனி ஆகும் மருத்துவ படிப்பு


Ai Birraany…

மே தினம்

நவீன தீண்டாமை



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