Ai Birraany…


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People eat to live but foodies like me live to eat. When it comes to Biryani my heart skips a beat with excitement. Few say that biryani originated from mughlas and few say it originated from south of India and given a twist by adding few more ingredients to it. Whatever may be the origin, biryani has become the layman food. Biryani is universal, you can find biryani anywhere and everywhere, though there are few favorite spots like Hydrabad, Malabar, Ambur, Mughlai, Lucknow and the list goes on and on… Coming to namma Chennai Periyamedu and Egmore are considered the best places by biryani lovers. There may be so many varieties and variations in biryani but bai biryani tops the list (bai uttu biriyani than best).

Ingredients and side dish

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You can make different biryanis by adding different ingredients, add chicken to it, it becomes chicken biryani, add fish to it, it becomes fish biryani, add egg to it, it becomes egg biryani, add prawn to it, it becomes prawn biryani. Adding mutton to it takes the game to yet another level. Soaking the mutton in tenderizer before cooking it, for 1 to 2 hour, and cooking it to the perfection is an art. The layered hyderabadi biryani is what I call paradise. From the first layer of crispy crunchy fried onion and saffron to the second layer of geed rice to the last layer of tender mutton with the gravy.

Biryani goes well with anything and everything. You can have biryani with onion raita, brinjal curry, eggs, masala coated seer fry (vanjaram fry), chicken 65, mutton gravy etc. I have got a friend who has his biryani with pickle (stunned…?? Biryani is the only thing that can give you never ending surprises).

Age is not a barrier


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Not just age, biryani has got “no” barrier. My neighbors’ 2 year old toddler had to stay in our house; he never stopped crying, once my mom opened the lid of the biryani container, the aroma filled the room and when it reached his nostrils, he jumped with joy and started to sing “Ai, birraany…birraany…birraany…”  (biryani has no age barrier). A vegetarian friend of mine has biryani occasionally without the knowledge of her family (oops… I’m sorry “a non-vegetarian friend of mine”, caste or religion is not a barrier when it comes to biryani). My aunt, the day she gave birth to a baby had biryani for her lunch, fortunately the hospital she was admitted in was situated just near Buhari, one of the famous biryani outlet (nope, I’m not paid for portraying their name). My grandpa’s 65 year old younger sister is prone to all the modern age diseases. She can’t resist having biryani. “Shhh… naan biryani saapudurenu yaar kittayum solladha di” (Shhh… don’t say anyone that I’m having biryani) is her constant dialogue, because biryani knows no rules. Age, gender, caste or religion no such nonsense can act as a barrier to biryani. Biryani = Bliss.

Thank you, Ramya and Mythu the two biryani lovers for asking me to work on this topic. Guyssss…. Will catch you people with next blog, Birraany… arriving…


7 thoughts on “Ai Birraany…

  1. Yummy article. I love biriyaani. I love biriyani lovers. Bcas biriyaani mattum thaan saapda vachchi alagu paakalaam. Oru gud cook Ku thaan samaicha biriyaniya aduthavanga rasichchi, rusichchi saapduradha paathu sandhosapaduradhula thaan pidikkum. So , seekkiramaa biriyaani samaichi enna saapda vachchi azhagu paarunga. 😘😘😘

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