October Revolution

Whenever the senior comrades discuss such heavy topics I get fascinated and I always wanted to learn more about such subjects. Though the Soviet Union collapsed before 25 years we have so much to learn from the October revolution. Before so much of buildup the following is the very little I know about the very famous revolution.

The Russians were under the imperial rule of Romanov dynasty.

The invention of steam engines revolutionized industrial production. The finance capital from other developed countries flew to Petrograd and Moscow.

The population of major Russian cities nearly doubled, resulting in overcrowding and the living condition of the industrial working class went down between 1890 and 1910.

The workers were made to work for long hours for very less wages. A social and political unrest prevailed in Russia.

On 22nd January, 1905, a faction of workers (The Assembly of Working Men) under the leadership of Father Georgy Gapon approached Tsar Nicholas II with a petition which asked for less working hours and other such convenience. But many workers were shot dead and hundreds were injured.

This incident is widely known as the Bloody Sunday Massacre. Which led to Strikes and riots and protests broke all over the country.

For putting an end to this situation and to placate the protesting working class Tsar Nicholas II promised to form Dumas to work towards the reform.

But after the World War I the mere existence became hard for the working class which in turn became disastrous for the Russian Empire.

On 23rd of February the women took to the streets and demanded to end the war and to increase the food. This is widely known as “Bread Riots”.

On October 25th the Bolshevik Red Guards forces captured the winter palace.

The dates vary since Russians have been using the Julian calendar till February 1, 1918. The Julian calendar falls thirteen days behind the Gregorian calendar.

Though any communist would feel proud when going through the pages of history, we should not stop here. There is a need to politicize the masses.





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