They Make The World Beautiful

World is not a great place to live in, I hate myself and I hate everyone around me… Yes! I have had such kind of mood swings but I always meet people who make me feel otherwise.


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Helping hands

That was a long tiring day with the hectic college work, once I was done with the submission I headed home. It started to drizzle but fortunately I was able to find a cab (share auto) and I boarded it. The cab would usually be overfilled and it was no different that day. You cannot expect an empty cab in Chennai especially when it is raining.

From the corner of my eyes I saw a girl sitting beside me wearing Saree, I had a strong temptation to check out her (girls do check out other girls) but I chose not to turn my head. Even while I was thinking about this the driver applied a sudden break and I was about to fall, the girl next to me gripped me tight at that moment. Since I sat at the edge and she thought I may fall off from the seat at any moment she didn’t let me go off her hold. I couldn’t get a glimpse of her but I’m sure she is beautiful.

Real hero

It was during my 11th annual exams. Everything went wrong that day because of the pressure I had. I woke up late and I missed my school van and had to go by an auto. I was busy studying on my way to school and only after getting down I realized I forgot to get the cash. I thought he would blast me into pieces but to my surprise he remained calm and asked me to come to the auto stand after the exam and pay the money. I think I would have apologized 1000 times that day. The very evening I took my mother to the stand and paid him off. All the khakis are not wrong since our auto drivers wear it.

Brother from another mother

Though I always wanted to learn the basics of photography I never had a great passion towards the subject. I was asked to click 70 different photos under so many different topics. I don’t possess a camera so I had to get it from someone. So I called this Anna under whom I interned during my UG, he not only lent his camera but would constantly call for checking not if his camera was safe but to check if I’m able to do my work. He would even go out with me for helping me with the assignment. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have completed my assignment. Brothers from different mothers are sweet.

Ice-cream anna sweeter than the ice-cream

The ice cream bells no longer excites me, once I grew up I understood I can have it whenever and wherever I want. After a very long gap I bought ice cream from the ice-cream Anna who comes to my street. He remembered me, my brother and his friend as well. To my astonishment he remembered our choice of flavors. He enquired about my well being and spoke with me for some time. He might have done this for his business but I felt so relaxed after talking to him. He is sweeter than the ice cream he sells.

என்றும் பெரியார்

புதிய கல்வி கொள்ளை(கை)

One Team, One Heartbeat

பாஜக அரசின் மூன்று ஆண்டு கால சாதனை

ஆரிய திராவிட போர்


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